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I better Die than to love him again

Hello Mylovecorner

I am xxx from xxxxx . I met this boy 3 years ago at a party . He felt so different. I knew there was something about him which I had not seen in many other people . I could always see some light on his eyeriss when ever he looked at me .Fortunately or maybe unfortunately he spoke to me , I was so happy , that was my universe Before him , I had never accepted to date a boy. I was 21 by then and I knew the right time was still to come. When I saw this guy, I felt like that was the right time. I was still a virgin and I made everything to preserve my virginity for the person I would get married to. That was the best gift I had to offer my future husband. I had sworn to myself I would not go into sex without getting married. Since the night I met him, we discussed for about 15 minutes and he asked to have my phone number. He was so eloquent . When I went home, I was only thinking about him . He went on like a gentle guy, he became my friend and it is only about six months after that he asked me out. He was actually working in a bank in town.  He used to travel to another town from time to time. I did not know and did not care to enquire what he used to go and do there because he always told me he was going on a mission. When he asked me out, I did not resist , I had been waiting for that. I had taken my decision to date him and did not care much about the rest. I opened up to him with everything but hesitated having sex with him. In fact he always told me he never wanted us to ever have sex before our marriage . He used to always insist on that fact. I was so happy to have met a man who shared my point of view and whom I loved. Two years passed and we never ever had sex , we went to a party together we came back late. I spent the night at his house. At night I felt his hands on my body. He continued , it was more than me to resist and then he took away my virginity. From that day we started having sex frequently . Then came the time when he was transferred back to the town from which he came from. That is when his behavior changed. Firstly he did not tell me the exact date he was going to pack out. Secondly he did not want me to come with him there. Few days before he went, he was not picking my calls. He was neither answering my messages. As that happened , I became worried , I went to his house but realized that he had already packed out. I was devastated . I could not just sit down quietly . I met some of his colleagues who happened to know him well. In short I inquired and found out the whole truth. He was married to another girl and had a child with her. My world almost ended . I have not been able to eat nor live .I am merely surviving now. I did not know love could be this bitter. I received a text from a strange number and it was him. He said he is sorry and he still loves me. He asked if I could be his second wife. I love him so much but I can’t afford to be a second wife . I don’t want that. A lot of thoughts have gone through my mind please help me. What should I do



Life is made up of many such cirumstances. Feel free to send us your own story at . Do it anonymously if you desire. We shall share it and others will help you. Also comment to help this case as he/she will be reading your comment

3 thoughts on “I better Die than to love him again”

  1. Amanda says:

    According to me , you just have to take some time off. It’s your first love experience and your first heart break that’s why it’s so painful . TAKE HEART BABY

  2. Gustavo says:

    I believe he is not for you baby . It’s hard to believe but if he could lie to you all that time then he is not the right guy for you

  3. Bettoven says:

    Follow your heart girl . Just follow your heart

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