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10 Quotes From Nicki Minaj To Make You Stronger With Love

Nicki Minaj is an amazing and a successful American song writer, rapper and artists. Many of her songs, have become anthems around the world, and she’s had to do collabo with some of the biggest names in the industry. Nicki always opens up about her love life in her songs, and is also known for her rough relationships. which is possible to get lessons from, as we all know, the best lessons come from failures. TheseĀ 10 Quotes From Nicki Minaj To Make You Stronger With Love, should inspire the bad/good spouse in you. You know what they say about a good relationship? it is boring.

However, these quotes will also inspire you to be bold, strong and know your worth before you get into an emotional roller-coaster with someone else.

Nonetheless, aside from her songs being very nice and trendy, her outspoken image also puts her on the lamplight.

Hence, let us dive into some of her love quotes.

10 Quotes From Nicki Minaj To Make You Stronger With Love

  1. When love fades

2. When it is all over

3. When you have been dissapointed and betrayed

4. When You know your worth

5. Define yourself before you ever get into a relationship. Because if not, your partner will do it for you, and that will be on their own terms. Never let your validation in another persons hands.

6. Always let them know how much you love them. In other words, if you love someone, tell them. Regrets may last for a life time.

7. Sometimes, it is okay to hold back. It is okay to not trust too much, love too much, because at the end you will hurt too much.

8. When they have your back at all times.

9. Be a beast, because that is the only way they will respect you.

10. When your walls are so high up, that you cannot afford to let anyone in. You cannot afford to let them see your broken pieces. Your tears and your pain.

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