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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Relationship Goals: Love, Dating and Quotes

Love Is Like A drug

When you love someone, you become addicted to them. Love Is Like A drug. When there’s genuine love among couples, there’s dependency tendencies. Just like drugs gives you pleasures untold. They wrap up your mind until you can’t think straight no more. That’s what falling in

Relationship Goals: Love, Dating and Quotes

Dating, S e-x , Celibacy and Christianity

On our request moment, someone demanded the following; “Hey love corner , I’ll like you to write about Dating, Sex , Celibacy and Christianity . To encourage single people about the importance of celibacy. It’s something that is ignored in our modern society. Everyone is having

Dear Soulmate : Love Me Naked

You see, behind these makeup, broad smiles, there’s a hole in my heart. Shaded by a big wall. As my lover, I need you to break down my walls and look beyond my façade. I don’t just want someone to admire my pretty face, but

Dealing With Brokenness; How To Let Go The Pain

I’m In Love With A Married Man

How did i let my self entangle with such? A question I’ve asked me for so long but i have never really gotten an answer . I let him strip me naked, and i feel so guilty about it because he belongs to someone else.

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A Letter To My Ex

I told someone the dumbest thing I’ve ever  done in a relationship was to ” fall in love ” . You made love feel so painful.  I was hurt so many times than i was happy.  You gave me shame. Your love had torn and