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Love Is a Beautiful Thing; My Supposed Marriage Vows

Love Is a Beautiful Thing

Love is a beautiful thing

You are what i asked God for
You came into my life when i was already so in love with my pain
My brokenness allowed you to bring light into my life

I never believed someone like you could ever exists
Even if you did, you won’t be looking at someone like me
I’m no Cinderella, I’m no princess
Or at least that’s what i thought of myself

I’m strangely cold, i found comfort in my misery
I loved pain because that was my only reliable source.
But at the same time i hated it, because i wished for more.
Although i never knew what more could bring

Heaven gave me you, and i don’t even know why
Most days i found refuge in the sun
Because he loved me selflessly and shined on me despite my flaws .

I prayed for love
Then God gave someone strange enough to love me .
When you first came, i knew you will get tired of breaking my walls until you give up and leave like the others

But every time i tried to make you go, you kept knocking.
Stayed outside my cold heart, slowly melting my defenses and walls with your warm heart

You came into my life and showed me a whole new meaning of love
You showed me that we had the same wounds and had the ability to heal together

I couldn’t bring myself to accepting that your hands placed on my neck gave me chills
You made me leave from too hard to break to becoming a teenager in front of you. Letting you make all the decisions in my life. Allowing you to protect me and just let me live .

When you came into my life, you gave me purpose.

I kept asking myself ; who are you? As i climbed up to look into your soul , that’s when i realized i had fallen in love.

And i wondered; did you know how broken i was? How no one wants me because I’m abnormal. I hoped you will soon realize i wasn’t the one for you and you will go.

But your warm heart, gentle soul, loving spirit loved all of me.
Now all i want to do is spend the rest of my life with you.

We two are not Romeo and Juliet but we two are a perfectly written tragedy.

Thank you for defining love for me.

And because you chose me, in spite of the 100 other choices,

i vow to solemnly submit myself to you. i won’t promise you perfect, but i promise to never give up or tap out when the going goes tough.

i will work hard each day to pill out my layers, because i know you deserve it. Thank you for letting me bask in your light. I vow to be all for you and love you with every strength and fiber in my being.

Because of you, now i know, believe and experience; love is a beautiful thing .



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