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I’ll Never Love Again


He was my first and he will be my last
The last lips I’ll ever kiss.
No matter what happens between us, i can’t bare falling in love with another person.

He is my world, he is my life.
My everything. The air i breathe.
My fantasy , my dreams.

Spending time with him feels like heaven on earth. His warm embrace, his caresses are the things i think of when I’m alone.

No one can ever take his place in my life.
He is my all.

Sad thing is , our love wasn’t sufficient enough to keep him alive.
Life passed it’s cruel hands upon us. I lost him . I can’t move on, i can’t ever love any person again.

When you love someone, make sure you let them know. Life is too short to be hiding emotions.

We grew up together but i never even knew when life tore us apart .

He was the very air that i breathe . How do i ever get over someone who was your soul mate? What did i do wrong to life? Please i need help ….



  1. Hi there, i realy dont know to whom i m written this, but sure u got pure heart and soft feeling that you let your crush to go with his wish. Mostly people today believe there is no real live exsist but u proof that there is still true love exsist, and loving and sincere people still alive. Who knows how to love someone and how to be loved. I realy respect and appreciate your feelings. I am really sorry u know to love someone and lost our heart on first imoression is not under cantrol of human. As u did with your crush and as i left my heart on my soul mate. Love is not being for just once yes its hurt alot, when u have fear to be rejected but everyone one should take a risk to know the person you love. Atleast you cant blame yourself for not stating before. Its my request to u as friend if you u liked me so please dont stop your search dont ever close the door of love in your heart GOD has made so many beautifull, loving and positive people in this earth and i m sure you will find a better, nice and loving life partner here. Just keep your Faith on GOD love all his human’s on this earth and he will never let you alone he will do miracle and u will get your loving life agian i believe. What he has done with me i never imagined and tody i am so close to fulfil my dreams i ever wanted to be loved and to give love. Please think about it and never lose your hope from GOD he is the one who can do anything unexpected. Thanks
    Take care and stay blessed


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