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My Crush; I Genuinely Liked You

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My Crush ; I did like you genuinely .
You know that innoncent kinda like?
Yeah , you did awaken my natural smiles.

You did make me fear . Not that serios kind of fear , but the one where your heart beats whenever you see your crush coming …

I did like you genuinely

Whenever i walk into a room, it’s your face i first look for
You sat down beside me, and i forgot how to breathe.
I wish you knew how my heart races whenever i see you.

Sometimes i get mad at my self for liking you that much . The truth is i never planned to.

My crush

I hid my feelings behind friendly smiles, insults and acting all tom boyish by you. Making sure you never look into my eyes and realize the stars that sparkle or the flames that burn when I’m by you.

I never want to be separated from you, but whenever you leave, i can’t stop you . Because i can’t bring my self to letting you know how much i cherish your company.

There were days that, i wished for more than you calling me ” my friend” . I wanted to be that person you can’t sleep because you thinking about.

Every sight of you,  gave me butterflies in my stomach.  Sad thing is, you will never know.

There was so much surrounding you.
Numerous blockages: past, pride, what will they say.
I knew the was never going to be ” Us” .
So i prayed God will take you off my mind.

And he sure did, he took you out of my sight. Phewww i knew i was finally free .
Then you came back texting .. urrghhh
And i started all over again .

My crush

But as it went on, i found out
You were already so gone with someone else . And i can’t be second, i can’t even pretend to be second, i can’t even stand being second..
So I would have to let you go. I’m sure when we meet, the love will still be same.

I’ll happily write beside your name in my dairy that
” you were that crush who came so close and never got a kiss”.

Seriously, which one is worst? Keeping your love for someone a secret or tell them and risk being rejected.


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