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Monthly Archives: March 2019

Don’t Wake Me Up

She closes her eyes. at first, all she can hear is silence. but then she hears it. a distant, muted sound of thumping music. soft panels of neon light bouncing off of hardwood floors. she’s wearing a dress. her hair is curled to the minimum,

The Cost of Love

The Cost of Love Love just isn’t a ride or die thing. Love is a do it all , or do nothing at all kind of thing. Love is deep, love is breathtaking. Sometimes love is foolish. When in love, you find your depending things

Love Illuminates Light

Naked Body Bare soul Deem light Dried spirit You think you are hard Because you know no love Skin dripping cold Heart scattered and black Where’s your sensation and emotions? Can’t you see that you are shutting down? You cold blooded killer

To That One Who Broke My Heart

To That One Who Broke My Heart I wonder if this is going to be my last letter for you because every time 1 take a step towards life, memories of you knock me down and I stumble across all your memories. The day you

Heart Break Isn’t Pretty

Heartbreak isn’t something to just “get over’ Heart break isn’t anything poetic or pretty. It’s not just about staying up late listening to sad songs to heal yourself and somehow just “getting over it” the next day. I could sit here and attach heartbreak to

Pretty Hurts

Have You Met the Right One Yet?

Because one day you’ll meet the right one who won’t always take you to candlelight dinners, cook you food and gift you bouquets of roses. In fact maybe that dish they love cooking for you is probably the most terrible thing you’ve eaten – but

The Thing That Scared Me The Most

Someone once asked me what scared me the most in this world – and I know you’d expect me to say something along the lines of the fact that I am scared of spiders or looking down upon a tall building and seeing the world