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Have You Met the Right One Yet?

Because one day you’ll meet the right one who won’t always take you to candlelight dinners, cook you food and gift you bouquets of roses. In fact maybe that dish they love cooking for you is probably the most terrible thing you’ve eaten – but it’s the thought of them to do that, that counts.

In fact this person you meet, is going to ignite a candle in your bones and when you look into their soul you’ll come across gardens of such distinct flowers – and I swear to you these flowers will be so beautiful you wouldn’t want any other bouquet of roses dropped off at your doorstep.

They may not always tell you they love you, but you’ll see it in the way they stare at you when you’re goofing around – but you know what? Perhaps you may not even see them staring at you; but you’ll feel it.

They may not whisper poetry into your skin when you’re falling apart, perhaps they may just remain silent and not utter a single word because they believe their touch is enough to heal you.

And it’s true. You’ll be falling apart with tears smothered all of your face and you’re going to feel so ugly to yourself but they’ll silently hold you as you cry it all out to them; and when they wipe all those tears away from

your face and look into your eyes, I swear you’re going to understand love. I know the meaning of love sounds like them sitting by your side all the time and writing you letters about their love for you but it’s not always going to be like that.

You’ll understand love when they come home from work with bags under their eyes and lay on your chest not uttering a word. I know you want someone who always tells you you’re the most beautiful Person they’ve ever seen.

But trust me you’ll understand love when you’re sitting on the kitchen floor at 3 am eating a bucket of ice ; and I swear they’ll look at you, in that messed up hair of yours, the ice cream moustache and that night suit you probably haven’t washed in days.

They’re going to look at you and laugh at how incredibly ridiculous you look – but you know what? They’re going to fall in love with you even more. When you find the love of your life, you’ll remember how you wanted someone with blue eyes but now you found someone with eyes that resemble the colour of the way you like your coffee.

You’ll remember how you wanted someone who never argues with you but sometimes you’ll find yourself arguing over the stupidest things with

this person. But when the arguments are over you’ll come and intertwine yourself within them because your heart will scream at you for how much you love them. They’re not going to be that idealistic human you and your heart talked about at night when you were 13.

In fact they’ll be so far away from it but every time you look at them you’re going to tremble at how much you love them. You’ll question it to yourself, how do I even love this person? But life won’t have an answer.

They may not resemble a Prince or a princess you always dreamt about as a child, but when you look at that little beauty mark on their cheek, the way they drool when they sleep, or the way they laugh, you’ll just fall in love with it all. With the ugly things, the pretty things, the everything.

I don’t know what love is, I really don’t. But I can tell you that when someone asks you about love, all you’ll ever think of is the syllables of their name.

One thought on “Have You Met the Right One Yet?”

  1. Sam says:

    I believe everyone he looking for has half and your half he or she looking for you to BUT we don’t know where or when we can find our half !!!!!!!!!🤲🤲🤲

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