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When I Was Younger

When I was younger, all I wanted was love. I knew I wanted to grow up, meet the man of my dreams, start a life, have a family- be happy.

I dreamed of my white wedding, his family and mine coming together. Him and l’m coming together for eternity. Never did I ever expect that he would be you. But never could I ever picture someone else. You’ve given me life on many days.

Shed tears of anger, love, lust, fear. We’ve been through hell and back, met the devil face to face, looked him In the eyes and said not even he could tear us apart.”

When I was younger I always dreamed of the day I’d meet someone who could love me just as much as I loved them- and it always seemed impossible. I never thought anyone could ever love me.

Not because I thought I was unattractive, not because I thought my personality wasn’t enough, but because I never thought I’d find someone whom I believed was perfect. And then I met you. Head to toe, you were, and still are, amazing. Inside completely you are everything a girl like me needed, and still needs. I’m so lucky.”

“When I was younger I was happy. I didn’t know heartache and I didn’t know misstreat. I only knew love and care. The beautiful skies and the lilies growing outside my apartment building.

I only knew what I saw on TV and getting older I realized that’s all for show. Nobody picks you up and spins you around. You don’t meet someone and magically fall in love- or so I thought But you gave me that fairytale.

You showed me true love at just fourteen giving me the world and more importantly, giving me you. I wasn’t ready for you, for us. I messed up but I’ve made up for it.

As have you. And truthfully I can’t imagine a world without you. I can’t imagine my world without you. My life, it needs you. I need you:’

“When I was younger- I’d see you and I smiling in the grocery store and pray to God I’d have that one day. And now that I’m older I am that. I have that. And I can finally tell the younger me that she’s happy even in this crazy world.

I can put the past me to rest, because she doesn’t have to worry anymore. All her dreams are coming true and I’m so thankful. So grateful. So lucky to be me with you.”

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