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I was the Other woman, But i Didn’t Know


We were so in love, he was the best thing that ever happened to me. John was a lawyer and i was running the financial affairs of my family’s store. whenever we met, it felt like we collided with the universe. It was so beautiful. No one ever touched me like he did. He was so cute and gentle, my whole world revolved around him.

Many times, he spent the nights at my place. The days he did not, it was not a big deal because i could never phantom that he could be married somewhere with 3 kids. Shockingly he was. His wife, a tall black woman was always on the road travelling. she was always out of town due to her job. So John used this opportunity to always be with me.

However, the wife had been monitoring him without his knowledge until the unfortunate day , she located us on our date and came with a gun.

That was like my worst nightmare, because i was not even given the time to cry about the fact that the man i was so in love with was married and a gun is being pointed at my face. The wife asked us to kneel down in public, threatening to shoot us if we lied we weren’t dating.

John spent the whole time denying me and i spent the whole time with a mouth open wondering what mess i had gotten myself into. fortunately, for us the woman dropped the weapon down and asked John to follow her home. I was left there alone.

Suddenly my clouds became dark, i was deeply hurt. That was the only man i have ever deeply loved, and just with a blink of an eye, he was gone. My world was crashing, but i’m grateful i left that place alive.

That was the last time i ever heard or spoke to John. But i still love him and I’ve been unable to get over him. So i’m sitting here wondering whether i should call him, reconnect or should i just move on with my life without him? . It is so hard being the other women, when you did not even prepare for it.


    • He left you laying in shock with a gun pointed right at you! You have a chance at life, we all go through a big wake up call some time in our lives and that was definitely yours!

      Don’t under any circumstances go back to him or even tempt to, because next time you may not be so lucky and why would you want to “knowingly” be with a cheating liar anyway? If he can do it with you he can do it to you. Wake up! He will never leave his wife, he made his choice and any woman besides her is just a side hobby piece nothing more. You’re playing with fire..

      You need to work on good self esteem, you clearly aren’t thinking clearly and are broken and possibly traumatized. Detach any left over emotions you have for him with time and heal because you need to heal YOU before you can emotionally attach yourself to any man ever again.
      You need closure that’s all you need right now and trying to possibly seek him out again isn’t the answer. Find another way of receiving the closure you need.

      Life is too short to be anything less than No.1… You deserve better. Good luck

  1. You’ll forget about him eventually. Trust me, trying to contact him would only open a flood of emotions you could do without. So toughen up. And move on. And by moving on, I don’t mean trying to find someone else to take his place. Do things that revolve around your happiness and wellbeing. Do you.

  2. Much paining to love someone by all measures and after ward you realise she/he will not be yours because of the hidden parmanent relationship he is in for it.


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