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She Had Stars Behind Each Eyelid, And a Galaxy in Her Soul

She had stars behind each eyelid, And a galaxy in her soul, That drew people to her endless heart, Like the pull of a black hole, She was made of earth and fire, Of wishes cast on shooting stars.

She was a brand new solar system, Unlike the ones they’d known so far, With constellations ever changing, No one could memorise her skies, And they thought the thing for them to do, Was bring her to their size.

They shrunk the universe within her, Told her her vast expanse was wrong, That she should make her life much smaller, If she wanted to belong, As they collapsed her world around her, She felt her inner stars grow cold, Until her life was far too heavy.

For her once strong arms to hold, You might wonder how it happened, But I guess that it makes sense, Because a life becomes much heavier, When it’s the universe condensed.

Truth is,

Our lives are one big puzzle, We don’t know how many pieces we’ve got, There are people that fit in quite nicely, And people who try but do not, We’re constantly adding more pieces, All the memories of things we’ve been through.

We add laughter and tears and adventure, And the lessons we’ve learnt to be true, Everyone has their own puzzle, There will be ones where you do not fit, Don’t you ever dare make your piece smaller.

Just so you can live there for a bit, If you keep cutting off all your edges, One day you won’t recognise what you see, And you’ll forget the person you once were, Before the world told you who you should be, Make the most of each piece in your puzzle, It’ll be a grand masterpiece when it’s done, So you won’t have to look back when it’s over, And realise you’ve left out the sun.

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    I am going to be a person like her but with my own personal traits people who have that magnetic and electrifying oara must feeling real happiness and love they inspire me to learn and grow everyday.

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