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Let Them Go and Save Yourself

Have the strength to let go of people in order to save yourself. Not everyone is going to be good for you and sometimes you need to look at all the reasons why things won’t work rather than focusing on the one reason why they will and letting that lead you.

Because often the things that bother you in the beginning become the cause for why everything shatters near the end, and it’s better to protect your heart rather than let it run wildly time and time again, causing itself pain and the kind of wounds that could be avoided if you’d just taken care of it. Remember this – if someone is meant to be in your life, even if you let them go to protect yourself, they will come back at a time when they’re good for you and you’re good for them.

Don’t force things. If something doesn’t feel right, then just let it be and have faith that the things that are meant to be will always find their way back to you. Believe me, they will. But until then just be there for yourself and take care of your heart, because it needs you to.

I understand that you’re scared. You’re unbelievably scared of losing them, when at one point in your life you didn’t even know that they existed.

At one point in your life you didn’t even know that there would be this incredible, kind and wonderful human who would randomly appear before you and show you how unpredictable love is.

They would show you that an unimaginable person can enter your life at the most unexpected time and bring with them the kind of tenderness that you didn’t realise you needed until they came along. The kind of people who hug away all your worries, the kind whose laughter fills the cracks inside your heart until you don’t feel broken anymore, until all you feel is complete and content.

The kind of contentment that you didn’t know existed because all you’ve known your entire life is unease and pain. But with the happiness, the love and the friendship, comes a fear that shakes you to your core.

The thought of them leaving makes you vulnerable -your heartbeat catapults and your stomach is an anxious mess. Their snivel was soft to your heart, but their departure will break you into a million pieces.

I understand that you’re scared but believe this, if they truly care about you – they will stay. If they want to be in your life – they will stay. If they’re meant to be with you – they will stay. And if they’re meant to love you forever – believe me, they will stay.

One day, you’ll meet this person – this incredible human who will treat you with so much love and respect that you won’t know what to do with it.

One day, a beautiful person with soft eyes will gaze at you steadily and you’ll forget all the reasons why you were scared to trust them, you’ll forget the hurt, the anxiety and the confusion that love has caused you in the past and you will just trust this process.

You’ll realise that the right person can enter your life at the most unexpected time and despite telling yourself that you won’t let love in again – you welcome it with open arms.

You’ll learn that some people are good for your heart and gentle to your soul. Some people delve into your life with an infectious laughter and bring with them the kind of sunlight that you never want to lose.

One day, you’ll meet a kind soul who might not know too much about love or feelings, but they’ll know a lot about being tender and patient with those they care about, and it will be these traits that you fall for. It will be their heart and their warm soul, a warmth that they don’t even realise that they have, that you will fall for.

One day, you’ll come across this person and everything will finally fall into place.

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