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I Got Served For Dinner

I knew it was all a joke when he said he couldn’t resist my body. I also thought it a was mere expression of “Love at first sight” feelings.

So i ignored the red flags.

All i wanted was to do my job, conduct my business and get my pay. But it seemed the more i spoke about the project we were to work on, the more he got turned on.

An encounter that was supposed to be a business meeting, ended up becoming one of the worst days of my life.

Doors locked, phone seized, hands against the wall, skirt up, pants half way down, my strength was lost.

No physical bruises, but internally my spirit was wrecked and my heart was shattered. For a moment, i hated God for abandoning me. Asking why didn’t he fight for me as promised?

To kill the pain, i left my body. Sitting on the other side of the room watching and waiting for when it was going to end. But even then, i could not bare to watch myself. Guilt was spread all over the atmosphere and i tore my mind apart with so many questions.

Why didn’t you fight harder? , why couldn’t you get a sign from the beginning and run? it was all my fault, I let this happen to me. If i wasn’t pretty, he would not have been obsessed or payed any attention. By the way, what was i wearing? wasn’t long enough…

As time passed, I thought he would see the tears dripping down my cheeks and stop, coupled with all my silent pleas but to no avail. Every attempt in begging him to stop was futile. Only then did i notice, i had walked right into a prepared trap and that i was the meal he had planned for lunch.


Sometimes we could see the signs of rape, sometimes we won’t or sometimes we chose to ignore and play cool thinking we can handle the situation.

But whatever happens, i know it is easy to carry the guilt but know it was never your fault. A rapist is a rapist, there is no justification for that. As long as it wasn’t with your consent, it is rape.

When it happens, try to speak out. Not necessarily to the public, it could be to a close friend but don’t keep it stuck up inside of you. Breath out the pain and fill your spirit with hope.

Ps: A lot of girls get raped or harassed in the job field.

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