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Then There Was You

While I lay here waiting to hear from you, I can’t help thinking about what my life has become when you became a part of it. Waiting and wanting you has been the focus of my thoughts these days, knowing that one day, all that I have envisioned of as being together, will formally happen, even if it’s just for a moment.

You give me reason to wake up in the morning and smile. Just smile for no particular reason except the fact that you are here. As days go by I feel myself growing closer and closer and my heart is suddenly coining out of its shy spot and wanting to feel what it feels like to be loved again. I don’t ever want to lose this feeling. I don’t ever want to lose you.

When I hear your voice, it’s like a feeling I don’t want to leave; you give me comfort and joy. The sound of your voice is like my favorite love song, I can listen to it all night until it puts me to sleep. Yet, still as I continue to lay here and think about everything you are to me,
Still, I just want you to know that wherever this road may take us, and how far it may be to formally get where we want to go, always know you are in my heart and in my heart is where you’ll always be. Life hasn’t been this grateful to me, until there was you.
Thank you for being you. What I’d like to say next, I’d like to say to you personally. Until then….

One thought on “Then There Was You”

  1. Ayodele oladuntoye says:

    I knew …. but a times you act funny as if the love is not in exist…. your act and your messages hurt me a times. You need to work on that .

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