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Someday someone will love You

Someday someone will love every inch of you — the fading sunset behind your eyes, the moonlight that dances through your hair, the sadness nestled in the creases of your palms. They’re going to kiss all the parts you have kept hidden away and tell you how beautiful it all is.

someone is going to say, “I love all of you, not just the parts that make sense, not just the parts you have shown me. I love the parts of you that I don’t yet understand, the parts that weigh on your shoulders, the parts I only notice when I steal glances at you in the silence.”

You will need to believe them, to believe that fairytales were not written for princesses in glass slippers, that they were written for women who have collected all the pieces of a broken heart and can’t stand to put it together again. But most of all you will need to believe that they were written for you.

Someday someone will come to you with a happily ever after promise and slide it over your finger. Someday you’ll realize you are not the lucky one, you are the deserving one. Someday you are going to take someone’s breath away.

Someday you will realize just how stunning you really are, and you will fall to your knees. Just like you’ve made me, so many times before.

Someday, the one you truly want and ever dream about, will walk into your life and make you believe in miracles. They will be everything you ever wanted and prayed for and that will be your best gift on earth.

Someday, you will fall in love with someone until thinking about your past will hurt. You will be so contented with the future and the present will be just perfect.

Someday the love of your life will come, so it’s okay to hold on and refuse to settle for less.

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