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I Got Served For Dinner

I knew it was all a joke when he said he couldn’t resist my body. I also thought it a was mere expression of “Love at first sight” feelings. So i ignored the red flags. All i wanted was to do my job, conduct my

I was the Other woman, But i Didn’t Know

We were so in love, he was the best thing that ever happened to me. John was a lawyer and i was running the financial affairs of my family’s store. whenever we met, it felt like we collided with the universe. It was so beautiful.

How He Became My Ex- Husband

When we first met, Michael ( my husband) was stalking me. I was on vacation and I turned and saw some guy following and documenting my every move. Then later he walked up to me and said I was beautiful and he just admired the

I Killed My Wife and My Best Friend

I killed my wife And My Best Friend Dear love corner, I hope my identity stays anonymous as promised. This story I’m about to share, is and will still haunt me for the rest of my life. But I’ve learnt to forgive and make peace

I Had Chronic Abortions And Still Got Dumped

We happened to receive a fascinating ,breathtaking , heartrending , poignant story of hurt , shame and pain. Which however the victim came through and remained strong all to the glory of God . i pray you pick out lessons as you journey with her

Abusive , Yet I Love Him

Sometimes it’s easier for a friend or anyone to tell you to get over an abusive partner. But have they ever stoped to ask or think if that is an easy thing to Do? I mean, that’s my baby, my lover . My knight in

The Ex You Can’t Run Away From

The Ex you can’t run away from  I never knew he could still break me Like how come, he is able to see through me. I had spent so long avoiding him and hating on him that I ignored the fact that he still had

Relationship Goals: Love, Dating and Quotes

My Crush; I Genuinely Liked You

My Crush ; I did like you genuinely . You know that innoncent kinda like? Yeah , you did awaken my natural smiles. You did make me fear . Not that serios kind of fear , but the one where your heart beats whenever you

I’ll Never Love Again

He was my first and he will be my last The last lips I’ll ever kiss. No matter what happens between us, i can’t bare falling in love with another person. He is my world, he is my life. My everything. The air i breathe.

I’m Scared To Love

Am scared to fully give my self to you. Am scared , that you might turn out to be what I never expected you to be. Am scared to have it wrong , am scared that I might get hurt in a way I never