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One Day, You’ll Remember the Girl who Loved You So Much

One day, you’ll remember the girl who loved you so much that she forgot to love herself. You’ll remember her when you wake up, when you eat, when you’re about to sleep. She will be your greatest nightmare. You will be the one crying, and

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Amazing Hard work Quotes That Will Inspire You

                        “Luck is not chance,it’s toil; fortunes expensive, smile is earned.” “Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work” “Nothing can

A Poem: Gunshot Love

It wasn’t romantic Yet it was very unique We did not have candle lights We never had music playing on the background We had us, our mind , our bodies and our thoughts The universe watched us The wind felt our skin We breathe passion into

How to build trust in a relationship

It’s not uncommon to assume some level of trust in a new relationship but sometimes that trust is misplaced or misunderstood. The question isn’t should you trust; it’s how do you build trust so your relationship can grow and thrive? Trust make for very healthy